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Hi, I'm Shalee! A 25-year-old travel writer and adventurer that specializes in outdoor adventure travel, budget travel, and getting lost.

If you jump on this journey, you should know I'm a master of 'hangry'. A ball of indecisiveness and unfiltered road rage. A lover of simple things. A wannabe female Survivorman. A pushover for cute downtowns and weird knick-knacks. Yes, I really have slept under a bridge while traveling. More than once.

You'll see a lot of my ventures include my partner-in-crime Josh and our two adventure cats Maverick (orange) and Aspen (black). 

We're a strange and unlikely group, we know. But we hope you like us anyway. 

The four of us roam about, losing track of both the time and the path. Aspen will often be in our backpack, napping. Maverick will be trotting behind on the path, sometimes getting too distracted by squirrels. 

We're not quite vagabonds, but definitely not settled. I probably can't tell you where we'll ever be, because we don't usually know until we get there. 


Things I love: 

  • Mountains 
  • Ice cream 
  • Road trips with my best friends 
  • Dark beer
  • Tall pine trees 
  • My home state of Michigan 
  • FOOD
  • Sleeping in my car 
  • Feeding my cats
  • Fall colors 
  • Being completely lost in this insane world 
  • The scent of Lavender 
  • Cheap plane tickets 
  • Listening to stories 
  • A Bonfire on a cold night 
  • Swimming in Lake Michigan
  • Cabins in the woods 
  • All Scandinavian countries
  • The Netflix show "Shameless" 
  • Cuddles and coffee 
  • All things chocolate 
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But you, the people who read this little travel blog, are what's most important. I want this to be a haven for you, as it is for me. There is no reason to journey if I can't bring you along, inspire you, and help you to fulfill that desire you wish to embrace. Why wait until retirement? We're not all going to make it there anyway. 

So grab my hand and take the plunge. May this be a place to inspire your wanderlust and push your limits. May it allow you to not only empty your care cup, but smash it against the wall.

Irresponsibly book that plane ticket. You know you want to. 

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Things I hate: 

  • Tomatoes
  • American football
  • Close-minded people 
  • Being Hungry 
  • Delayed Flights 
  • Traffic 
  • People who don't follow through
  • Settling
  • Flying
  • Routines

Things I fear:

  • Disappointing the people I love
  • Disappointing my readers 
  • Not reaching my potential 
  • Living a normal life 

My favorite places:

  • Iceland 
  • New Zealand 
  • Michigan
  • Rocky Mountains

My least favorite places:

  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • LA


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