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We each hold our own definition of adventure. Here, I dedicated to all the moments stepped out of a comfort zone. Stories, places, and situations that pushed limits, whether physically or mentally. Here's to overcoming barriers. One second of bravery can lead to a lifetime of adventure.

Michigan: 7 Affordable Summer Adventures

April 9, 2014

MICHIGAN: 7 AFFORDABLE SUMMER ADVENTURES Dwindling snow and warm temperatures mean one thing here in the Midwest: SUMMER.     The trees are beginning to blossom, I can take a walk without the possibility of frostbite and I woke up…

The Biggest Myth About Travel

January 31, 2014

THE BIGGEST MYTH ABOUT TRAVEL   So I thought it was only fitting to start off confronting the biggest piece of crap myth about travel. Guesses anyone? I’ll give you a hint: “How do you afford to travel so…

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