1. Airbnb Gift Card ($50-$100)


Travelers like to stay in unique places. Something more thrilling than the local Hampton Inn. What better gift than a gift of experience? Airbnb is a home-rental site that allows travelers to stay in unique accommodation around the world. From treehouses to igloos and castles, everyone wants to enter 2019 with one of these in their back pocket. Get yours here


2.ONA Camera Bag ($249)

For your adventurer/photographer, an ONA camera bag is the perfect travel accessory. When mine was stolen during a van break-in, my heart sank. Even if the camera stays home, it's the perfect bag to bring along. The authentic leather means it comes with a more expensive price-tag, but it's one of the few items I never regretted splurging on. Get it here


3.Burton Tinder Pack ($65)

A good daypack is a must, trust me. As a budget traveler, I've spent more than enough hikes carrying backpacks that leave my shoulders raw and my back aching in order to save a few bucks. There are many wonderful daypack brands, such as Topo, Birksun, and Burton. The best part is, you can find a lot of solid hiking backpacks for under $100. Get it here.


4.Luci-Inflatable LED light ($19.95)

A genius idea. Especially for backpackers and campers, the Luci lantern is a must. It's solar-powered, lightweight, and compact. Josh and I carried this lantern around Europe for three months and was by far our most useful accessory. They're cheap, durable, and an easy gift for all. Get it here


5.Portable Charger ($49.99)

Again, this is the perfect gift for backpackers/hikers/anyone who travels for more than 24 hours at a time. These portable chargers can hold up to five charges for phones and anything else connected by USB. Cheap is not always better for portable chargers as they are less reliable and can die quickly. Durable ones can prove indestructible. Mine has last four years through 30+ countries. Get it here


6. Coleman Portable Camp Stove ($24.98)

I used our Colemon stove nearly every night during our seven-month road trip across the states. It's not great for portable travel, but the perfect size for car road trips and anyone heading out on the open road. It was the most valuable and most used asset to our van. Get it here


7. Sony Mirrorless Camera A7riii ($3,198)

If you want to be the ultimate gift-giver (you'll really have to love them for this one), there is no gift that tops the Sony Alpha a7riii. It costs a pretty penny (a chill $3,200), but the quality is exceptional. Aside from that aspect, this camera is highly favored by travelers and adventurers due to its size. The mirrorless body compacts this camera and makes it incredibly lightweight without giving up the photo quality of big DSLR's. If you're not quite ready for this one he has a little brother, the Sony a6000, that is a much more affordable option ($700). Get it here


8.Leather Hiking Boots ($80)

If they don't already have a pair, every hiker wants a set of durable and waterproof boots. Something that can take wear and tear, may have to cross streams occasionally, and have good support for both feet and ankles. Don't be fooled into spending hundreds of dollars for a pair, as many brands sell good-quality hiking boots for around $100. Get a pair here


9. Headlamps ($9.99)

A solid headlamp or two is always a good present. Chances are your adventurer probably lost one at some point during the year and can always use more. They're cheap and can easily become a stocking stuffer. Get it here



When we aren't adventuring, you'll most likely see us reading adventure books or watching adventure documentaries. This book is a memoir that discusses long-term travel and the joys that come with exploring new places around the world. Get it here



11.Stainless Steel Coffee Press ($42.97)

I think hikers and outdoor lovers make up 90% of the coffee press market. I'm not sure why, but it's just a thing and I'm on board with it. A stainless steel coffee press makes it easy to brew a cup or two in the morning while camping or on a road trip. Make sure to choose stainless steel over glass, coming from the girl who has now broken two glass coffee presses. Get it here


12. Packable Down Vest ($16.99-$25.99)

Every traveler, luxury to budget, will agree on one thing: packing sucks. 

We need all things that compress into little packable lightweight bags. Each inch counts in our suitcase and ain't nobody got room for puffy vests. Especially $100 Patagonia puffy vests. Choose affordable and useful. Get it here


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    You’re the greatest, Shalee. I love your posts.

  2. Kathy H on December 13, 2018 at 7:12 AM

    I do too.

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