Sometimes the best places come with the lowest expectations.

Five years ago if you asked me to choose between a trip to California or a trip to Idaho I would have chosen California. Hands down.

I mean do we ever really hear about Idaho? What does it even look like there? Isn’t that where French Fries are born?

When I first ventured into Idaho I’ll admit it was for the sole reason to tick the state off my list. However, from the first night I spent in the state during Van Life on a cold February week, I could tell it was about to surpass my expectations.

In fact, Josh and I loved Boise so much we immediately considered applying for some jobs in the area. The downtown was by far the cleanest American city I’ve ever been in, the people were almost too nice, and the cost of living was incredibly affordable (which is the complete opposite of most of California, FYI). Beyond Boise is an entire state filled with peaks to climb, rivers to raft, and hot springs to soak in.

Idaho is technically part of the Pacific Northwest; however don’t expect to find many lush green forests in this area. In the north most of the forests are evergreen and in late summer the ground vegetation will be brown and dry due to the typical lack of rain.

But Idaho is known as one of the best states for white water rafting and mountain biking. Not to mention the complete lack of crowds compared to similar areas in places like Colorado. Picture a gorgeous alpine lake surrounded by high cliffs and tall trees. The scene looks like it was plucked from a spot close to Vail or Breckenridge. Except there are three differences:

  •  You can actually afford to stay in the area
  • Even the most popular trails only have a few fellow adventurers along the route
  • You’ll find mostly “humble hikers” (aka no giant outdoor egos)

And after a long day exploring, there are dozens of secluded glamping rentals for relaxing and refreshing at the end of a great adventure.



If you aren’t familiar with “Glamping” it is a new-age term, which combines the words “glamorous” and “camping”. If you’re even more confused because those two terms usually mean the complete opposite of one another, I’ll break it down further.

Glamping combines secluded and unique places for rent in areas close and connected to nature. Sometimes it’s a yurt or teepee; sometimes it’s a mountain cabin or treehouse. Heck, it could even be an igloo (still waiting to experience that one). Websites like Glamping Hub list incredible secluded rentals that promise relaxation with an adventure.

On my recent return to Idaho I got my first dose of the Idaho Rocky Mountains combined with an incredible mountain cabin. I’m a little hesitant to tell everyone about this area because I want it to be a secret forever, but I guess I’ll give a glimpse into my dreamy four-day stay in one of my favorite states:



With two nights of Glamping and two nights of camping, I can say my short stay in this beautiful place was perfectly balanced. From soaking it up in a hot tub (and indoor Jacuzzi tub) to being smelly and sweaty on top of Snowslide Mountain, there was nothing more perfect than a short getaway into the Idaho wilderness.

*Glamping stay hosted by Glamping Hub. All thoughts and opinions are my own. *


  1. Candy Whitmore on August 18, 2017 at 11:08 AM

    I loved this post! I want to go there

  2. Kristin on August 18, 2017 at 11:56 PM

    Ah! My home state. So glad you liked it! My husband and I moved from Illinois and have never been happier!
    Amazing, super-kind people, beautiful hiking trails, and, like you said, the ability to actually find isolation are just a few reasons we decided to make it home <3
    But, I'll end my spiel 😉 Stunning photos!! Can't wait to see where you head next.


  3. Brenda Terry on August 19, 2017 at 5:19 PM

    It looks amazing!! Have not been to Idaho- but wish to now!!

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