What happens when you get the chance to go to an ultra-romantic, picture-perfect, cabin/glamping resort in Indiana but your boyfriend is 1500 miles away?

You invite your best friend, buy multiple bottles of wine, and prepare to watch chick flicks for the entirety of the weekend.

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to experience Serenity Springs Resort in La Porte, Indiana (near Michigan City). The property includes over 30 unique cabins, each with their own theme and style. We chose an A-frame style cabin directly on the resort’s private pond, which was named the “Sunflower Cabin”.

When arriving at check-in, the staff immediately greeted us. They loaded our belongings onto a horse and carriage and we were whisked away to our cabin. Along the way we passed free-range chickens (including one we would later find out was evil), which laid fresh eggs every morning that could be delivered to our door so we could enjoy farm-fresh eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Another employee met us at our cabin and gave us a full tour of the accommodation and amenities. I was probably a little too excited for the Butler door, which was a small door next to the entrance door where surprises and goodies from the staff would be delivered to us all weekend. When something was delivered, a light above the door would illuminate to let us know we had a delivery. We could also request things through the door, like chocolate covered strawberries and even take-out orders from nearby restaurants.

They also welcome every guest with a snack basket and a heart-shaped balloon. When I saw that I knew three things:

  1. Jen and I were basically a couple for the weekend (sorry, boyfriends)
  2. I was going to love it there
  3. I was about to eat way too much food (no regrets)


Some other amenities offered to guests are free bikes, catch-and-release fishing on the private pond, and personal fire pits for each cabin. Jen I went fishing a couple times, which included a lot of girly screams and freak outs when the fish came off the hook and started flopping along the shore. I’ll fully admit we took every fish off using paper towels as gloves. Yes, we probably were the laughing stock of the pond. And yes, I am that afraid of fish.

Perhaps my favorite part of the cabins is that each is equipped with a hot tub built directly into the floor. It sounds completely romantic (and it is) but it was also perfect for a girl’s night accompanied by copious amounts of bubbles, wine, and the movie Fifty Shades of Grey (yes this actually happened). There was also a lot of yelling at the TV because the movie was awful.

On the porch of our cabin was a fireplace and each night through the butler door we received a package for s’mores. The pond offered some of the most incredible reflections on the water, especially at sunset. So each night we sat out by the fire, ate s’mores, and watched the geese swim along the pond.



The A-frame cabins feature a loft, while the regular cabins have a one-story layout. Personally, I loved the loft which fit a king sized bed and a second TV. Near the resort is Washington Park Beach in Michigan City, and a great winery called Shady Creek. I recommend going to both.

The most romantic vacation I’ve ever been on wasn’t with my boyfriend. Oops. But I told him that when he’s back visiting Michigan that we need to return. The best part of Serenity Springs is the staff. They are attentive, personable, and the owners think of everything when it comes to making your stay enjoyable.



When it came time to leave, I kissed the butler door goodbye and was very distressed that night when I was sitting at home and a fresh fruit basket wasn’t delivered to my door. Life is so hard. But thankfully I think I’m *finally* recovering from being so pampered.

Interested in staying at Serenity Springs? View their cabins here!

*This stay was hosted by Serenity Springs. All opinions are my own*



  1. Candy Whitmore on August 26, 2017 at 8:27 PM

    What a wonderful place. I would go there. Thanks for the information.

  2. Sarah on August 28, 2017 at 7:40 AM

    This is so cool! Going to have to talk my husband into making a trip here!

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