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When I’m old, frail, and slightly senile, I want to be a lighthouse keeper. I want to have a cat named Indiana Jones, a beautiful view of a lake, and most importantly – an ice cream shop within 5 miles.

I’ve spent my life around these lakes, and I’ve decided to narrow down my top picks for which lighthouse I’m going to take over one day. You’re all invited to come over, of course, but I can’t promise my cooking will be any good (or that I’ll have a kitchen).



Big Sable Point Light

This is my favorite lighthouse in the world, no questions asked. Nestled into quiet dunes two miles from civilization, without cell service, and killer sunset shows. I’m picturing a massive storm rolling across Lake Michigan as I sit in the tower sipping a Keurig coffee and eating my ice cream cone.

Ludington State Park opens the lighthouse every year in search for lighthouse keepers. If you volunteer, you’ll spend two weeks being the coolest person in Michigan. It’s been on my bucket list for years.



St. James Lighthouse

I may need to build an actual house attachment if I plan to live in this one, but this light and I go way back. Every summer I visit Beaver Island, and every summer I hug this lighthouse. A childhood tradition that my 22-year-old self has no shame admitting. 

Located in the middle of Lake Michigan, Beaver Island sits 27 miles off the coast of Charlevoix. The quiet island contains around 400 people year-round and is a haven for summer family adventures. Mopeds are a common form of transportation, and Daddy Franks ice cream shop is incredible and the reason my ice cream addiction begun.




Grand Haven Lighthouse

The summer crowds can be a bit much, but that’s why I prefer to visit in the off season. Photographing this lighthouse at sunset is extraordinary all year around, especially when waves are breaking over the pier. If you’ve ever been interested in freshwater surfing, the nearby local surf shop is the perfect starting place.

The pier is iconic to Michigan and is a rad representation of the state.




St. Iroquois Lighthouse

A lighthouse keeper has been watching over the lighthouse for three years with his pet cat that roams about. When I met him, I realized he was the male version of me in 50 years and I half-wanted him to be my adopted Uncle. He decorates the outside with white Christmas lights which sparkle every night. There is also no admission fee for the tower. Double win!

It sits slightly northwest of Sault Ste. Marie on a serene peninsula. The tower faces Lake Superior and Canada’s distant shoreline, while the water often reflects brilliant colors of a sunset.




Port Austin Lighthouse

Goal: spend the night in this lighthouse. Barrier: may get arrested in the process.

This is a privately owned lighthouse, and one day I plan on buying it with all my other lighthouses. The fact it sits 3 miles into Lake Huron off the shore of Port Austin is probably what makes it so intriguing. Once I own it, I plan to kayak out there with a bottle of wine, my beautiful boyfriend Josh, some chips and salsa, a camera, and my cat Indiana Jones.

Oh! And ice cream in a cooler. Easy.




Grand Island Lighthouse

Currently abandoned, and absolutely stunning. When winter arrives with fresh snow that coats the trees, this lighthouse beams with beauty, even with its covered windows and locked doors. The simplicity it presents is what makes it one of my favorites. I once found myself laying at the base to take a nap on a brisk 20-degree day. Best sleep I ever had.

Grand Island is situated off the coast of Munising. During especially cold winters, one can walk across the frozen Lake Superior bay to explore the island’s ice caves and winter beauty. In summer there is a ferry to the island, where some own cottages and others simply camp and explore.


  1. Bruce Gezon on April 29, 2016 at 7:50 PM

    Great blog, Shalee. Have seen some of these on my trips on my sailboat around the Great Lakes, sometimes stopping for a trip ashore. But just added the ones I haven’t seen to my bucket list. Darn you, girl. You are making my bucket list grow faster than I can check things off. Lol.

    • Shalee on May 3, 2016 at 12:06 PM

      Bruce, you need to teach my how to sail! Sailing on the Great Lake sounds like the best adventure.

  2. Michelle on December 29, 2017 at 10:07 PM

    I’m newer to MI. My young children have seen some of these lighthouses in picture books. Hope to get traveling around the state to see them in person.

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